TFO renewal with the CRTC

TFO enterprise

TFO is a French-language educational broadcaster that offers top-quality programming. This programming stimulates creativity and discovery among young people and offers general public content focused on discovery and a broad range of culture.

As the only Canadian channel operating entirely in and for an official language minority community, TFO’s programming for Canadian viewers is unique.

TFO’s youth content is aimed at 2- to 17-year-olds. It is broadcast at specific times throughout the day without commercials or violence. TFO offers a variety of content including magazines, fiction, animated series, and documentaries.

All youth content is developed in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Education curricula and can be used to support students in their learning. These series encourage Francophone identity building and showcase actors, hosts, and youth from Francophone communities as positive role models of the Canadian Francophonie. Throughout the creative process, whether for in-house productions or for co-productions with independent producers from across Canada, TFO strives to keep in mind the specific needs of its audience from minority communities. These needs often vary, and this consistent purpose makes TFO an essential and unique player in the Canadian broadcasting system for Ontario, but also for the entire Francophonie in Canada.

In addition to fulfilling this mandate for Franco-Ontarian youth, TFO offers stimulating and enriching evening content for the entire population with documentaries and cinema repertoire programming.

TFO’s broadcast license renewal process.

The television broadcasting license granted to TFO by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) gives TFO a powerful broadcasting power to get funding for productions and to work with French-language production companies across Canada.

In Ontario and Manitoba, the TFO channel is included in the basic package for cable and satellite subscribers, while in other provinces, subscribers can add the TFO channel to their subscription.

TFO is currently in the process of renewing its broadcasting license with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for a period of 5 years. The documents related to TFO’s application are available below.

Express your support!

As part of this process, Canadians are invited to vote on TFO’s renewal application.

Between now and March 3, TFO invites you to support its renewal application by filling out the CRTC form available at the following address: CRTC’s Application

You can write a comment in the comment section, or attach a letter of support. If you would like to express your support, or if you would like us to submit a comment for you, you can forward your letter of support or comment to

Support the renewal application filed by TFO with the CRTC.

Between now and March 3, TFO invites you to support its renewal application by filling out the CRTC form available at the following address: CRTC's application.