Adapting to the Digital Revolution

Opinion leadership

Under its mandate given by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Groupe Média TFO has created and broadcast quality digital educational content, in French, while remaining ahead of trends and priorities in the field of education. It has always been Groupe Média TFO’s mission to make a lasting and strong contribution to the thriving development of Ontario’s Francophonie.

We are motivated to enable current and future generations of Francophones to thrive. We seize opportunities to advance the cause of the French language in Canada with passion. This desire to ensure that young Francophones continually have access to education is, intimately connected with franco-Ontarian history and culture, and the social and cultural fabric of Canadian society.

Recognizing the major transformations facing the world with the rise of the fourth Industrial Revolution, we clearly realized that the means currently at our disposal fell short of the needs and ambitions of educational organizations seeking meaningful opportunities to participate in transforming education. The availability of and access to digital learning content, tools and solutions in French is not some wild idea but a reality that we must bring to fruition.

As a public media organization, we needed time to think in order to align our efforts with sustainable solutions adapted to the needs of this revolution.