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IDÉLLO presents “Théâtre en Balado”, a different way to experience Franco-Ontarian theatre.

Published on 24 January 2022 by Groupe Média TFO

Toronto | January 18th, 2022 - Driven by the current digital revolution, Groupe Média TFO (TFO), in collaboration with artistic directors Miriam Cusson and Joël Beddows, presents “Théâtre en Balado”, a theatrical educational project rooted in the spirit of the times. With this new educational resource that combines digital innovation with the richness of Franco-Ontarian heritage, TFO, through its IDÉLLO platform, reinforces its position as a key educational and cultural partner in French Ontario by offering the theatre another way to be heard and a new form of expression for artists.

“Miriam Cusson and I wondered about the durability and influence of the Franco-Ontarian repertoire in a world where technology is growing more and more important in the fields of broadcasting and even education. How to properly distribute it to a new generation of creators or educators? The idea of capturing recorded versions of plays that have left their mark on the collective imagination in podcast form was obvious ― a project that consciously seeks to highlight tradition, with an openness towards the technologies and digital media that are current practice.” - Joël Beddows, Co-Artistic Director of “Théâtre en balado”, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa

Promoting Franco-Ontarian theatre and discovering the people who bring it to life
TEB provides a contemporary look at the Franco-Ontarian repertoire and promotes the presentation of traditional and modern works, thereby helping to sustain the vitality of the Francophone artistic sector.

“As educators, we felt it was crucial to create accessible tools to help teachers and professors, but, above all, for the benefit of students, who are the cultural actors of tomorrow. Adapting and capturing these important theatrical works allows us to anchor pearls of our rich and complex dramaturgy in the collective imagination and to ensure that the echo of these works will endure beyond the stage. As artists invested in the outreach and continued vibrancy of the Franco-Ontarian community, it was essential for us to create a balanced repertoire. A repertoire that both celebrated the works of seasoned artists as well as the voices of a new generation of female authors.- Miriam Cusson, Co-Artistic Director of “Théâtre en balado

From the stage to your headphones
One must highlight the exceptional work of the voice actors who, with support from Daniel Bédard, a multidisciplinary artist who created the sound environments of these podcasts, brilliantly met the challenge of adapting the plays into sound, while faithfully recreating their essence.

  • Marie-Ève Fontaine (Le dire de Di)
  • Djennie Laguerre (Manman la Mer)
  • Dieufaite Charles (Manman la Mer)
  • Chloé Thériault (La Meute, role of Catherine)
  • France Huot (La Meute, role of Irène)
  • Elsa Simbagoye (La Meute, role of Pauline)
  • Micheal Lemire (La Meute, role of Paul)
  • Maxime Cayouette (La Meute, role of Éric)
  • Promoting theatre to young people
    In order to generate interest in theatre and to respond to youth aspirations, it is essential to provide students with theatrical texts adapted to their realities. That is why the six plays in the TEB project were carefully selected with the help of Maxine Turcotte, a drama teacher at De La Salle Public High School (Ottawa).

    With consideration for the universal nature of the themes addressed and the representation of diversity, the series reflects the cultural identity of French Ontario and the societal topics covered by the province's educational programs.

    The Théâtre en Balado project actually goes beyond mixing students and theatre. It helps young people develop their intercultural understanding and strengthen their cultural identity. Above all, it helps them exercise and develop their critical thinking skills.” - Maxine Turcotte, theatre teacher at De La Salle Public High School (Ottawa)

    A new immersive experience to discover on IDELLO
    Discover the six plays that were adapted as podcasts on IDÉLLO:

    This selection is available for grades 7-12, as well as post-secondary French and theatre programs. It is supported by educational material, available free of charge on IDÉLLO for 12 French school boards, FSL students and teachers in 60 English school boards, and French-language and bilingual colleges and universities in Ontario.

    “At the forefront of digital learning, TFO, especially with its IDÉLLO platform, offers young people original, interactive and educational content to stimulate their interests. As we know, theatre plays an important role in the development of our identity and the expression of our Franco-Ontarian culture. It is therefore important to create engaging educational resources that kids can relate to. We are very proud of this unprecedented collaboration with Miriam Cusson and Joël Beddows, French-language school boards, and all of our partners in the education community. This allows us to successfully deliver quality theater in an innovative, engaging and educational format through our IDELLO platform.” - Julie Caron, Vice President, Learning Continuum, Groupe Média TFO.


    About the artistic directors

    • Miriam Cusson is the co-artistic director of “Théâtre en balado”, director, actor, author, dramaturgy consultant, assistant professor in the Department of Theatre at the University of Ottawa, and artist-creator.
    • Joel Beddows is the co-artistic director of “Théâtre en balado”, director, dramaturgy consultant, and associate professor in the Department of Theatre at the University of Ottawa.

    About IDÉLLO
    IDÉLLO is the digital learning platform of Groupe Média TFO. Proud of the mandate entrusted to it by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Groupe Média TFO has been supporting French-language education in Ontario for over 30 years. It provides families, teachers and educators with a range of resources that support children’s learning from kindergarten to grade 12.

    About Groupe Média TFO
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