Published on 17 January 2017 by TFO
Toronto, Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Groupe Média TFO is proud to announce the nomination of Gisèle Quenneville as Executive producer – Francophone Communities Content. With an impressive background as a producer, host and journalist, Gisèle Quenneville will orchestrate TFO franchises 24.7, #ONfr and Carte de visite. "Thanks to her vision and fine understanding of Francophone communities, including the challenges they face, Gisèle is the best possible choice to lead TFO's 24.7, #ONfr and Carte de visite. She will be working alongside a talented and passionate team to broaden the reach of our Francophone communities all over Ontario and Canada. We are proud to welcome her to these new duties." – Nadine Dupont, Director – Multiplatform Content "I am so familiar with the Francophonie and I love it. Our franchises are an essential tool to keep the Ontarian and Canadian Francophonies alive. I am touched by the trust I am given and I am honoured to contribute to expanding the outreach of our communities." – Gisèle Quenneville, Executive Producer – Francophone Communities Content Among her new responsibilities, Gisèle Quenneville will be in charge of producing content reflecting the communities and celebrities of our Francophonie as well as Franco-Ontarian and Canadian politics. She will also be in charge of content creation during special projects jointly with Franco-Ontario organizations and institutions. "Through our franchises, TFO 24.7, #ONfr and Carte de visite, we proudly celebrate French Ontario, our wonderful country and our rich, inclusive, diverse Francophonie. It's time to galvanize our Francophonie everywhere in Ontario, our country and elsewhere, and to make it shine through rich, educational and digital content."  – Laurent Guérin, Vice-President, Chief Content and Digital Officer. Born in Windsor, Gisèle Quenneville is a seasoned journalist, having worked over 20 years with TFO as a host and producer of Panorama, RelieF, 360 and Carte de visite. Gisèle is also keenly aware of the various issues of interest for Franco-Ontarian and Canadian communities, and she has a sharp understanding of the reality and challenges they face. Photo de Gisele Quenneville About our Franchises Spotlighting Franco-Ontarian and Canadian Communities TFO 24.7 is a unique and enriching web and tv magazine which reflects your francophone community. Through stories, interviews and humour, discover the artists, youths and leaders propelling the Canadian Francophonie.#ONfr is a franchise dedicated to Ontario's political news and, more generally, to minority French-speaking communities in Canada. Through original interviews, Carte de visite reveals the extraordinary stories of important French-speaking personalities that influenced the Ontarian and Canadian Francophonie. About Groupe Média TFO At the cutting edge of digital learning, Groupe Média TFO is an essential destination for children and audiences seeking educational and innovative content in French. It offers stimulating experiences and award-winning content.


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