TFO will broadcast the Little Mosque in the prairie as of March 1st

Published on 01 February 2017 by TFO

This country stands in the wake of a tragic and sad day. We are all dismayed by the incomprehensible violence that occurred in the Islamic Cultural Centre of Sainte-Foy, in Québec City.

Today, there are many of us who wonder what we can do to ensure our community's wellness. Few will think on the value of education as a means to improve social harmony. Yet, education remains the most promising avenue to share and acquire the skills needed to fully recognize, respect and appreciate the diversity Canada enjoys today. The company mission of Groupe Média TFO is focused on sharing knowledge. Humbly, we wish to contribute, through our company calling, to the improvement of social cohesion within the reality of the modern world.

Education is our strength. This moment of grief may be the right time to turn to learning. For this reason, we are proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with WestWind Pictures in order to feature The Little Mosque on the Prairie starting on March 1st, available for free on

The Little Mosque on the Prairie is a comedy series that tells the story of a small Muslim community living in the fictional town of Mercy, Saskatchewan, right in the middle of the great Prairies of Western Canada. It studies with a touch of humour the efforts of this little community to build a mosque in a Protestant centre, as well as its relationships with often wary neighbours.

"It is a comedy, not a political satire," promises the show's Canadian designer and screenwriter Zarqa Nawaz. A practicing Muslim and mother of four, Nawaz insists her comedy aims to refute prejudice regarding Islam.

A recent study has demonstrated that the series is cultivating a reduction of prejudiced attitudes and behaviours within its audience.

Read the study:

The series' original English version is broadcast on CBC. The French dub will now be available in Canada for the first time on

"To all, we reaffirm our unwavering values of inclusiveness, openness, respect and solidarity."

- Glenn O'Farrell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Média TFO.