A New Vision: Being an Essential Educational and Cultural Partner

TFO enterprise

The OFLECA mandate is to encourage permanent learning in Ontario by offering quality educational programming in the French language through television, new media and other communications technologies. Permanent learning implies the continued acquisition of knowledge and skills that are essential to professional and personal fulfillment. In partnership with district school boards and other French-language education organizations and agencies, OFLECA has established and maintained a permanent centre of excellence in learning, thus contributing to enlarging the range of varied, high-quality programs accessible to learners of all ages. OFLECA may enter into agreements, including funding agreements with third parties, in accordance with Articles 6 and 10 of the Ontario French-language Educational Communications Authority Act of 2008.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an integral Francophone partner in driving the transformation of education, thus giving Ontario and Canada a competitive edge in the fourth industrial revolution.

Our Ambitions

Our Mission

Groupe Média TFO is a key educational and cultural partner in the development of employability competencies in

French. It offers learners of all ages, parents, and educators stimulating experiences and award-winning

content, always at the forefront of digital learning. Groupe Média TFO is proud of its public heritage and celebrates the

French language in Ontario and elsewhere.

Our Values

By its educational mandate, on television, on digital platforms and through its initiatives and applications, Groupe Média TFO puts knowledge within arm’s reach. At the forefront of digital learning, the company reflects the vitality and diversity of the community it serves and prepares the next generation for the world of tomorrow.

  • Ambition

    The first step to success.
  • Creativity

    Nothing is original, all must be created.
  • Initiative

    Encouraging discovery.
  • Innovation

    Imagining and creating the future.
  • Leadership

    At the cutting edge!
  • Respect

    The key to collaboration.