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As a producer and broadcaster of French-language educational and cultural content, Groupe Média TFO’s contribution to the development of the production industry in Ontario is unique.

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TFO is committed to the influence of the Franco-Ontarian cultural industry in Canada and the rest of the world. To keep Ontario’s production community alive and stimulate our province’s economy by showcasing our local experts, TFO works closely with Ontario’s artists and cultural stakeholders. Through a strategy of acquisition and co-production of French-language educational content geared towards safe, violence-free content, exemplary social and human values, and a focus on employability skills, TFO is committed, with its partners, to producing and broadcasting series that promote the diversity of our culture. With more than 12,000 videos, series and games, including more than 6,000 dedicated to children aged 2 to 6 (videos, mobile applications, colouring, etc.), and hundreds of films and short movies on demand, there is content for everyone!

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